Acapulco Halifax - Mighty Acca 75p Drinks before 11pm.
The Mighty Acapulco Nightclub - 75p Drinks before 11pm - The Acca
Face of the week - This weeks photo Gallery Week Ending 28th May 23

Can't Find your Photos?

Sorry that you can't find your photo. It is completely the club & photographer's discretion as to what photos do and don't get uploaded. Occasionally, photos won't be uploaded for one of the following reasons:

It is of poor quality

Subjects are clearly intoxicated

Rude hand gestures being displayed

'Photo Bombers'

Photo is Blurred

A Person in the photo has previously asked multiple times for photos to be removed

Approved Previously Request Removal of a Photo

It's worth noting that a photo can look completely different on the back of a camera compared to when it's uploaded and there is a number of factors that can affect the photo. Therefore if you can't find your photo it is likely because of one of these reasons. We also recommend searching through the gallery again as a photo can be easily missed when looking through a lot of thumbnails. Unfortunately if you still can't find it in the album the photographer would have deleted it from their archive.

If your photo appears on our website and you don't wish it to be there, please email with the link to the picture asking for it to be removed as well as a screen shot. Please note it can take up to 72 hours. Crowd photos and videos are taken in-line with our Privacy Policy found here.

The Page gets Updated Weekly, after that time photos can be downloaded from Facebook Gallerys, however this maybe at reduced quality.

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