Acapulco Halifax - Mighty Acca 75p Drinks before 11pm.
The Mighty Acapulco Nightclub - 75p Drinks before 11pm - The Acca
Dress Code

Our Dress Code is No Sports Tops, No Track Suits, No Caps or Head-wear. We do not allow Tops with Sports Logo, this includes T-Shirts and Jumpers.

We do allow Trainers, Converse and Vans as footwear. We do not allow Work Boots.

We Allow None Sports Shorts, We Don't allow sports Shorts.

All Coats, Jackets, Blazers, Body Warmers, Hoodies & outside wear are required to be left in our cloakroom. We do not allow these to be worn or carried in the club.

Every Decision is made on a individual case by case basis.



75p drinks