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Justin Brett - Manager (Contact Via Email)

Justin has worked within the Nightclub industry for over 20 years, working in many succesful venues around West Yorkshire and beyond. Justin considers himself a 'Theme night Specialist' and describes his job as 'Arranging a Party.... Only for hundreds of people'. Justin's Claim to Fame was that he was on a Reality TV Show called '18-30 Stoners'.


Steve Buck - DJ

Steve 'the voice' Buck has many years of DJ experiance working not only in pubs and clubs but as Drive time presenter on Pulse Radio. Our Resident Thursday and Saturday DJ

Matt Preston - Lighting (Contact Via Email)

Matt has worked at The Acapulco for 18 months, and is our lighting and display specialist. Matt is getting a name around the industry for his lightshows and displays.

Dannie Kavanagh - DJ

DJ/Entertainer from Halifax, who's late night career has covered the full spectrum of DJ Culture for over 22 years, from DJing and presenting on Phoenix FM, to many of the clubs and pubs around Halifax. Making his DJ Debut in Coliseum in the mid 90's. Over the 22 years Dannie has worked along side Brandon Block, Graham Park, Alister Whitehead, Paul Taylor to name just a Few.



Jason - Senior Supervisor

Jason is the longest serving member of staff working his way up from a Glass Collector to a Senour Supervisor.




Reece Lauren Laim
Milo Joe Amiee

May Day Bank Holiday Beach Party 2018 Acca Fest 2018 - Reece, Joe, Anthony, Danny & Milo Acca Fest 2018 - Lauren, Jessica, Conner, Bryony, Minni
Acca Fest 2018 - Kacy, Joesph, Gabby, Megan, Leilani Acca Fest 2018 - Shelly, Sarahm Niamh, Callum Halloween 2018 - Ricky, Aimee, Olivia
Halloween 2018 - April, Gabby Halloween 2018 - Patick Halloween 2018 - Jordan, Morgan, Olivia, Andrea
Halloween 2018 - Milo Halloween 2018 - Daniel Halloween 2018 - Matt, Jo
Halloween 2018 - Jason Halloween 2018 - kay, Lauren Halloween 2018 - Will, Tom
Halloween 2018 - Steve Halloween 2018 - Vicki, Callum Halloween 2018 - Liz, Jo
Halloween 2018 - Chloe, Callum Halloween 2018 - Gabby, Zach, Morgan Halloween 2018 - Anthony


Acapulco Home Page Acapulco Club Videos Acapulco Coming EventsFace Of the Week - Acapulco Pictures

The Acapulco Nightclub is now The UK's oldest night club opened in 1962.

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